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Coenzym 1 NADH - TX|10   

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Coenzym 1 NADH - TX|10
We are required to make ourselves stress-resistant. And in this process NADH may be a valuable companion solving the stress problem for us. What happens in the human body if it is exposed to stress? In the brain, the two hormones adrenaline and dopamine are released. They aim at helping the stress-loaded person to be able to rapidly adapt to those situations. If facing such stress situations on a frequent basis, the human body’s hormone storages are running empty since the body is incapable of producing sufficient hormones. For the person concerned, this is reflected in exhaustion, depressive mood and all other typical stress symptoms. Even the immune system is weak if exposed to stress.
People preparing for stress situations using NADH need to know: NADH does not just supply the cell with energy. It activates the body’s own development of dopamine and adrenaline. The higher the NADH level, the more of the protecting hormones are produced and kept on reserve. This in turn means: Thanks to NADH we are able to cope with far more stress without suffering any damage.
Particularly for making ourselves stress-resistant, a combination of NADH with tryptophan in the form of lozenges is excellently suitable, because within this process, the following happens: The tranquilizing amino acid tryptophan which for example is also contained in milk in small quantities is converted into the happiness hormone serotonin by NADH. The serotonin concentration is an important basis for feeling well. And consequently this makes coping with stress much easier. This means: If you are guarded against stress situations thanks to taking NADH or NADH together with tryptophan, you will not perceive overwhelming stress as such overwhelming and therewith will enjoy a better quality of life. The combination of NADH and Tryptophan - TX|10® (lozenge) provides an effective preventive protection against the burnout syndrome.
There is an easy way of inducing a healthy sleep in a natural way. The magic word is: NADH plus tryptophan - TX|10®!
Ingredients per lozenge: 20 mg NADH, 110 mg tryptophan, 40 mg ginseng, 40 mg taurine
Dosage: Chew up one or two NADH tablets and let it smelt in your mouth slowly. The chewed tablets dissolve rapidly. Please do not swallow! This is the only way of guaranteeing a rapid, effective and absolutely complete take-up of the ingredients via the oral mucosa.
Content: 30 lozenges 
Central pharmaceutical number: 1108395

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