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5-HTP Enzymkomplex   

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5-HTP Enzymkomplex
5-HTP is a 100% natural mood enhancer from the plant Griffonia. This delayed-release 5-HT-enzyme product is a special synergistic blend that combines 100 mg of pure 5-HTP in pharmacy quality with highly efficient components. By so called synergy effects, improves bioavailability in comparison with isolated 5-HTP-acting capsules. This mood and serotonin booster is currently the best choice in the market for 5-HTP products in convenient capsule form.

For 5-HTP to be transformed to serotonin an activating combination of substances is needed. This complex empowers tryptophane to stimulate the enzymes that make the “Happy Hormone” unfold. With this formula 100% residue-free 5-HTP in capsules containing 100 mg is working in synergy with highly potent components – tuned to train the daily serotonin cycle. The enzyme activator regulates the body´s own serotonin production, balances your mood and helps effectively in neuronal or affective disorders (depressions!).

Finely tuned bio-catalysts guarantee an efficient impulse for the hydrogen bonding, that transforms the tryptophane to 5-HTP (5-hydroxy – tryptophane), to proceed efficiently. In addition the capsules have a delayed effect, so that it is distributed equally over the day.

Contents: macca extract, isoflavonoids, guarana extract, Fucus vesiculosus, silica, niacin amid, vitamin B6, B 12, black pepper extract, folic acid.

Note: This product should be used only for personal use in Germany. Delivery is free of duty and will last 5-6 days. A commission ofpharmacies is also available for an additional fee. 

Content per glass: 60 vegetarian capsules
The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.

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5 -HTP + enzyme complex the natural stress reliever

5 -HTP + enzyme complex helps in the reduction of stress and depression the natural way.

• Evolutionary refinement of the isolated 5 –HTP.
• Enzyme- activated formula for happiness.
• Great for serotonin regulation.
• Long-term alternative to synthetic high-dose antidepressants.
• For treatment of causally neural and affective disorders such as stress and depression.
• Helps in the long term alleviation of migraines.
• Ensures a healthy natural sleep rhythm through melatonin.
• Helps in the regulation of an excess appetite and pain prevention.

Why use 5 -HTP + enzyme complex?

Life is complex. The feeling of happiness is always fast and short-lived. This has implications for the body’s serotonin balance, as the body always requires new stimuli, as it quickly adapts to stimuli and may require even higher levels of stimuli to attain the same levels of satisfaction, hence the need for  5 - HTP for regulation. In the lottery and as in the fast food society, the average consumer wants the instant win without thinking much about the future. Similarly, in the selection and use of 5 - HTP products, most want a fast lump preparation that helps. However, persistence is key. The substances act quickly, and each acts independently to contribute to the activation of the enzymes so as to make 5 -HTP work better and naturally.

How 5 -HTP + enzyme complex works

5 -hydroxytryptophan is a natural substance produced by the complex bio -enzymatic metabolic processes in the body. 5 -HTP is an intermediate to the neurotransmitter-serotonin in the body, which is a fundamental neuronal messenger. 5-HTP supplements will enable you to wake up feeling great in the morning due to serotonin , and will help you get a good night’s sleep in the evening, due to the recovery hormone -melatonin, which will help your body and mind to relax.

5 -HTP + enzyme complex assists in the intelligent development of the isolated 5 -HTP , which helps the metabolic pulse on the jumps .
Specifically matched enzyme activators are integrated into the daily serotonin metabolism pathway, thus ensuring that the desired effects are maintained at all times and is thus sustainable rather than occurring abruptly.
As biocatalysts, enzymes accelerate the chemical process chains in the body. They have specific binding sites and substances, and may enhance the effects of specific substances. As a result, the use of refined, highly bio available enzyme activators in this 5-HTP product helps in creating an effective articulation process.

This makes 5 -HTP + enzyme complex one of the most sophisticated drug formulas.

Maca Extract - makes you fit and stress- resistant

The Peruvian Ginseng helps in reducing stress and strengthens the physical and mental performance. As an adaptogen, it improves the adaptability of the body in stressful situations , which helps the body regain balance and initiates the production of vital substances that help attain a positive predisposition.

Isoflavonoids – for lower cholesterol and osteoporosis prevention

Isoflavonoids  are bioactive plant compounds, which unlike synthetic hormones pose no side effects, and are essential to the body. Isoflavonoids are especially recommended for the those who are in their late thirties and above as they lower cholesterol, prevent osteoporosis , slow down the natural aging process, and even soothe withdrawal symptoms.
Moreover, the immune-boosting, and anti-cancer properties of phytohormones are scientifically confirmed.

Guarana - for Clear youth and cheerfulness

Guarana - the fruit of youth for more energy and vitality - is invigorating, and refreshes the body and mind. It stimulates, sharpens perception, and promotes concentration .
In addition, it stabilises the circulation, calms the stomach, and intestines. Guarana  is closely related to the active ingredient -caffeine . It stimulates brain function and serves as a natural stimulant.
Guarana has a restorative, anabolic effect on the entire body, and provides a long-lasting, positive mood, and feeling.

Fucus vesiculosus – for detoxification and great metabolism

The effect of the brown alga Fucus vesiculosus ( Bladderwrack ) is mainly due to its high iodine content . The seaweed leaves contain abundant iodine, vitamin C, and iron .

In homeopathy, Fucus vesiculosus is used mainly for the treatment of metabolic disorders, thyroid, and weight problems.
Fucus vesiculosus stimulates the metabolism, detoxifies the body, and accelerates the production of energy in cells. Fucus vesiculosus stimulates the metabolism , detoxification , and digestion regulation all at the same time . In consequence of these properties, it is an important ingredient in this product.

Silica - for a strong foundation

For desired 5 -HTP effects to be realised, a good supporting tissue is necessary, to help distribute serotonin on the fine Microtubule cell interconnects in the body. Silica - in the enzyme complex provides a stable external scaffolding for enzymes, enabling complex process chains to work better together. Silica remineralises the bone tissue and helps promote moisture retention, makes the hair supple, makes the tips of toenails less brittle, and more.
Black pepper - spices up the serotonin metabolism

For the transmission of serotonin, enhancing performer starter substances are required. For this purpose, pure piperine from black pepper extract is used to help clear metabolic pathways. The concentrated Biopherine is crucial for the absorption of all integrated ingredients.
Vitamin B group – for better brain and nerve function

Rounding off, this 5HTP product enhances your well-being through enzyme-produced substances and contains B vitamins for strong nerves, and proper brain function. The vitamin B6 contained doubles the 5 -HTP formula efficiency.

Uses of 5 -HTP + enzyme complex

For the treatment of depression , sadness and panic

5 -HTP + enzyme complex is the smart -activating enzyme happiness formula for long-term treatment of mood disorders, for example depression. It helps eliminate stress the natural way.

The refined enzyme formulation balances mood swings, lowers the aggression assets and helps control panic attacks , stage fright , fear , sadness, grief ,and sorrow .

Treatment of migraines

Serotonin deficiency can cause severe headaches. For this reason, 5 -HTP is often used as a painkiller and it has been medically proven that it is effective for the long-term treatment of migraine attacks.
An impaired serotonin production can also be the trigger of feelings of fear, anger, inferiority, and hate.
This positive mood formula enables you to attain a positive impetus to overcome feelings of jealousy.

Learning and sleep

5 -HTP + enzyme complex regulates the production and distribution of the reward and recovery hormones and also provides a restful sleep -wake rhythm.

Appetite and weight control

5 - HTP is a natural enzyme complex and is a long lasting acting appetite suppressant.

Helps alleviate cardiovascular problems

5 -HTP + enzyme complex supports the cardiovascular system through blood pressure regulation.
Helps to reduce fibromyalgia and muscle pain.
The feeling of pain perception depends fundamentally on serotonin levels.
Fibre -muscle pain is a serious chronic disease with accompanying symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, poor concentration, and lethargy. The enzyme -activating happiness formula stimulates the myelin layers of the nerve and relieves the discomfort caused by myalgia.

Side effects of using  HTP + enzyme complex

The intake of 5 -HTP + enzyme complex is usually straightforward and free of side effects. 5 –HTP is a high dose therapy substance. However, consumption levels of dosage as from 1000 mg involve the risk of unilateral over-supply of endorphins. High-dose therapies are generally the better choice to antidepressants which may constitute serotonin inhibitors.
Nevertheless, the use of this product should be undertaken in context.

Points to note
  • People who are hypersensitive to any component in this product should discontinue its use immediately. 
  • People with chronic diseases and those taking regular medication should generally consult with their treating doctors about  possible side effects and interactions between the natural supplements and chemicals in the medicines .
  • Keep away from the reach of children.


A daily dose (2 capsules) contains
 5-HTP 200 mg
 Maca-Extrakt 150 mg
 Isoflavonoide   100 mg
 Guarana-Extract    100 mg
 Fucus vesiculosus       66,66 mg
 Silica  50 mg
 Niacinamide   36 mg
 Vitamin B6    4,86 mg
 Black Pepper extract  2,1 mg
 Vitamin B12  2 mg
 Folic acid  0,4 mg

Contents: 60 capsules at 451 mg.

Dosage according to indication

Directions of use

  • One capsule taken 2 times daily with meals.
  • For targeted and rapid treatment of very severe depression and previous use of antidepressants, a dose of pure 5 -HTP 200 mg is recommended.
  • Preparations for sleeping disorders such as sleep balance or jet lag symptoms alleviation, products with melatonin can be taken.. However, it is important to note that Melatonin acts in the short term.
  • For men and women of between age 20 and 40, 2 capsules a day is the recommended dosage. Those of ages 41 and above should take 3 capsules spread through out the day, but this  is always dependent on each person’s individual condition. Higher daily doses should always be discussed with a therapist.


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