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Supra Age   

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Supra Age
Beauty has a deep reason. This inner fountain of youth combines various proven anti-aging substances in a formula, that helps you in the process of aging to preserve and develop the best of your talents. In addition to natural volcano minerals for purification and nutrition you get among others OPC, acerola and paradise nut.
Supra age represents a perfect nutritional supplement, that reflects the action of the MatrixRepair Bath by rejuvenation from inside. The spectrum of agents of these highly vitalizing beauty capsules can be compared to a volcano island in the ocean, that preserves the purity of youth because of its great variety of minerals and plants.

This revolutionary anti aging formula containing biologically chelated volcano minerals helps to stabilize the connective tissue, skin and hair. Acting as an enhancer of vitamin efficiency the plant components enable the body to make better use of vitamins and foods. Supra age protects the immune system, regulates the pH-value, tightens skin and connective tissue, reduces wrinkles and invigorates skin, finger nails, bones and joints. This fountain of youth brings juvenile energy and vitality to you as well as fresh and cultivated looks.

Contents: volcanic Dolomite powder, acerola, zeolite, L-carnosin, bamboo sprout extract, millet extract, extract from Fucus Vesiculosus , green tea, black pepper and grape seeds as a source of OPC, ground paradise nut, vitamins E, B12, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid.

Content per glass: 60 vegetarian capsules
The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.


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